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A formula for training that is aimed to create a synergy between boxing and weight lifting. Both are highly effective in improving cardiovascular health. In addition to muscular strength, mobility and pain management, our boxing methods are derived from proven Olympic and professional level boxing principles and techniques. And our weight lifting methods are derived from proven professional level principles and techniques. The end result is creating a synergy between the two disciplines offers a mixture of exercises. Not only are they progressive and comprehensive, but complimentary to one another.



Mental benefits include increase in confidence and sense of well being. Meaning our program helps you battle anxiety and relieve stress, improve sleep patterns, and overall improve your concentration and focus.


Physical benefits include weight and fat loss. In addition, it promotes muscle toning for the entire body, increase overall strength, core strength, endurance, agility, balance, coordination and reflexes. Lastly, it’s done in a way that can help you manage pain. All while learning how to defend yourself!


Boxing and weight lifting offer a cognitive experience.  Aside from making your mind work to throw punches, you will enjoy the thrill of perfecting those punches. Moreover, weight lifting requires focus for form and a complete mind body connection.


Traditional exercise such as jogging, swimming, biking, at one intensity, delivers a level of aerobic training. But it is a steady-state of oxygen consumption. However, boxing and weight lifting generate varying but explosive and intense outputs of energy and force. Full results are that of anaerobic training. A bodies demand for oxygen is increased- yielding better and faster results than other traditional fitness training. Anaerobic type of training promotes the burning of more calories, even after you’ve finished training!


This ever popular high-intensity interval training has been proven to be one of the most effective training techniques available. So we have made sure a typical B&B workout at a high-intensity, with regular rest periods, gives an efficient HIIT workout. Meaning it burns 500 to 1000+ calories, in just 50 minutes.

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Every B&B session will incorporate various functional weight lifting movements. These compliment the boxing and target the major muscle groups. You can especially target legs and core, for a perfect balance. Strengthening your full body and core is advantageous to every day functionalities of life. Both physically and mentally!


The versatility of boxing and weight lifting are unsurpassed.  What’s special about the “sweet science” is there is always more to learn!  Even if you’re a beginner, or a seasoned fighter, there are infinite ways to continually progress. Challenge yourself both physically and mentally. With weight lifting there are a multitude of ways to lift. For example, there are reps, sets to amount of weight used. Accordingly, we teach how to build more technical combinations, pushing the intensity, or extending the rounds to be longer. There are limitless ways to prevent plateauing. But beyond the boundless challenges and progressions B&B offers, it’s also versatile in the sense that you can do it anywhere with little equipment! We post combinations of the day in our Coaches Corner, so we are keeping this an ever-changing program.


Teaching boxing and weight lifting, you’re generally working with beginners. Therefore communication, proper instruction, and progression are critical. The B&B method breaks down the mechanics and techniques of boxing and weight lifting. Done in such a way that anyone can understand and teach it. By teaching in a way that is easy to understand and follow, we are minimizing the risk of injury. What does this mean? Well, your participant’s will be more consistent. In turn, means they will have a better chance at reaching their fitness goals.


Developed for personal trainers and fitness professionals, boxing trainers and weight lifting enthusiasts and all lovers of fitness! First, it is aimed to break down and teach the basic fundamentals of boxing and weight lifting for the participants. Second, it also equips them with the tools and knowledge necessary to teach someone else how to box and lift weights safely and correctly for a fitness program. In conclusion, we will show you how to combine authentic boxing techniques and weight lifting techniques to deliver a highly effective format for boxing and weight training.


In-person courses are hosted in Los Angeles, or other major US cities. We understand that not everyone can make the trip to one of our in-person full day sessions. Thankfully we have made the course available to you online. Additionally, you can also contact us for more details if you would like to host a B&B course in your own city.

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