Cary Williams and Damien Patrick are the creators of B&B. They take their extensive backgrounds and experience in their sports and bring it all to you!




Damien Patrick is an IFBB Pro and has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Damien has half a million subscribers on Youtube and a quarter million on Instagram where he shares his secrets to proper weight training for his IFBB competitions. His fitness/ workout videos have been viewed over 50 million times on Youtube, helping to change the lives of millions of people. With his 20 years of experience in the fitness and body building industry he has created numerous programs for fitness centers across the United States. He has appeared on television shows such as EXTRA and FIT TO FAT TO FIT as well as being featured in national magazines such as FLEX and MUSCLE & FITNESS.


 Cary been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX as well as in national publications such as Shape, Men’s Fitness, Energy, Fitness, Entrepreneur, Inc., SUCCESS, FHM, USA Today and The New York Times. Cary has even graced the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS and appeared on the popular NBC show, Fear Factor. As well, on EXTRA, The Doctors and on Lifetime network as a trainer on the show Fit2Fat2Fit. In the boxing world, Cary boxed competitively in the amateurs and won the Pacific Northwest Women’s Tournament before hanging up her gloves. She is now a Level IV Olympic Level Boxing Coach with USA Boxing. Cary has trained many boxers, some of which have made it to Olympic Trial Qualifying Tournaments.  As a spokesperson for Everlast, Cary created a boxing class format for 24 Hour group fitness called Everlast ShadowBox and was a part of several print ad campaigns for Everlast. In the beginning, she founded PRIME TIME BOXING, INC. Cary grew PRIME TIME BOXING, INC to 4 boxing clubs in California and even started franchising in 2008. Since then Cary has sold all of her clubs except one, which is called The Stables and is located in Santa Monica, CA which is now the B&B headquarters.



Boxing & Barbells was created and founded in Santa Monica, CA in 2017 by Cary Williams and Damien Patrick.
Previously Cary had opened and grew a chain of boxing gyms in Northern CA called Prime Time Boxing. Over those years of growing the company, Cary competed as a fighter and gained enough experience as a boxing coach to receive her Level 4 Coaching Certification with USA Boxing. This was the highest level of coaching and made her eligible to coach at the Olympics.

She moved to Santa Monica, CA in 2012 and opened The Stables Boxing Club. After a couple of years she passed along her Prime Time Boxing clubs to 2 former fighters, coaches and managers who ran her clubs while she was in SoCal.

Cary and Damien met in 2013. Damien had also just moved to Los Angeles, CA from Boston, MA. Damien started lifting weights as a teenager and was hooked immediately. An all-star athlete, Damien also ran track and competed in Taekwondo where he received his Black Belt. He began teaching Taekwondo in Boston and realized he had an innate skill and passion for teaching.

Damien has been in the body building world for nearly 20 years. He has amassed nearly half a million subscribers on Youtube with his easy to follow weight training workout programs, changing the lives of thousands! He is also an IFBB Pro who will be competing on the Mr. Olympia stage in 2019.

With both Cary and Damien being athletes they hit it off immediately! They began working out together daily. Cary had several old boxing injuries and Damien suggested that she go on a regimented weight lifting program. For over one Cary was right by Damien’s side learning how to lift properly and the program started to help her with her injuries. She began using the weights with her boxing routine and found that it was the best of both worlds. Cardio and strength training to make the body strong. She began to incorporate her program with her members at The Stables and it was a HIT!

Cary is no stranger to creating programs or certifications. In 2009, she signed a marketing contract with Everlast Worldwide and created the Shadowboxing class for 24 Hour Fitness. She created the Prime Time Boxing certification program in 2008 and Everlast was immediately interested in partnering with her. After 3 months of negotiations the deal fell through due to some final details that could not be agreed upon. Unfortunately, Everlast kept copies her certification materials.





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