Level 1 Course Certification – Online

$389.00 $350.00

This Level 1 Certification is for B&B’s Online/Home Study Course option



Level 1 Course Certification – Online/Homestudy


  • Wrap hands safely and securely in order to avoid injury and provide proper protection to hands and wrists
  • Perform and instruct the basic boxing stance along with movement and footwork
  • Perform and instruct the basic punches in boxing
  • Perform and instruct basic boxing defensive movements
  • Perform and instruct putting offense and defense together to form combinations
  • Perform and instruct shadow boxing techniques
  • Perform and instruct heavy bag techniques, including, how to properly punch without injury, range on the bag and footwork around the bag
  • How to hold and punch focus mitts using authentic boxing fundamentals the proper way to maintain safety for the coach and participants
  • Perform and instruct the basic forms of weight lifting
  • Perform and instruct proper technique for weight lifting
  • Identify and correct improper boxing and weight lifting techniques
  • Identify the qualities of a successful and effective trainer


  • B&B Trainer T-shirt
  • 180” custom B&B hand wraps
  • 110-page B&B electronic manual
  • 75 Videos on Boxing, Weight Training and Class Format
  • Discount on all B&B merchandise
  • 24/7 support
  • B&B Certification

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